We develop successful web,
mobile and software applications

Our software team of full-stack developers and agile experts bring together the tech,
the talent and the experience to develop your web, mobile and software applications

We develop web, mobile and software applications that helps our customers to gain market share

For clients in the factoring industry


We developed a web based application to manage all procedures in a factoring organization.

For people to build their websites

We developed Sitemia. Sitemia builds your web site in just 2 minutes according to your needs without leaving you any trouble thanks to its advanced site creation robot.

W‌ho We Are? 

Intercontinental is a consultancy and digital development agency,
founded by two friends in 2017.

We build custom web and mobile apps with our clients to increase their
market share and productivity.

Our team of experts bring our clients into the development process from
start to finish, delivering tangible solutions as early as possible in the process.

Write to us

Adalet, Manas Blv. Yanyolu No:47, B Kule K:28 D:2801 Folkart Towers - 35530 Bayraklı/İzmir

Phone: +90 850 305 27 25
E-Mail: info@intercontinentalsoft.com

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